Installation shown in Dim Sum Heart’s Desire (exhibition) from 1993-1994 at Chinatown History Museum (MOCA) NYC.
A variation of this installation with the same title (IN02) traveled to Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco

Components included:
Shark Fins
Bing Lee’s opium pipe
Cabinet of Celestial Tangents
small Liquid Rice
Kem Lee photos
photos of Yeh Yeh
Liquid Rice with Grandmother’s (Ngin Ngin) Still
2 ptgs of family photos
100 Smooth Stones for Grandfather*

*“100 Smooth Stones” refers to the title of this installation as well as one component of it (the light box table with the glass stones on top)

Color of walls is “Chinatown green.” Walls are distressed (to look like they hadn’t been painted in 20 years: first layer dark green, second layer yellow, final layer “Chinatown green”